Drug Addicts Against Drugs is only what the name says…if you are here, you’ve had an experience with addiction and/or a family member that was not pleasant and turned you against drugs ! Stopping the the use has brought our lives here, the Net, the Inter-Web, to you ( yes you ). We all have a common thread in that he things we thought at one time was recreational and fun, did in excess, has brought us and our families to our knees.. Or,

You have children that you would like to survive into adults…( the average Addict, started using around the age of 12 ) scary is the truth, today.

This is not the POLICE , this is not RELIGION, this is not text book SCIENCE. We simply speak the TRUTH.
If we leave out all the above, leave that to the proper authorities, Church’s, Synagogs & Scientists, that still leaves US to tell the simple TRUTH.
Remain not neutral, but positive that what we are, is against the drugs and alcohol, all products of addictions that led us here…

What we speak is not politically / religiously correct or guide lined by anything but the TRUTH the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but…

If you decide to bring DAADs’ message ( your story ) to students, leave politics and religion outside, please keep a DAAD about bringing REALITY Drug Education ( the Truth ) to schools Nationwide .

It’s that simple. Drugs are killing our young every 4/6 minutes !

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