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😎Craig Dickinson Daad
I’ve been involved with Addiction for 40+ years in NYC ,Staten Island ,Brooklyn ,queens and Long Island where heroin is the king next to Cocain Marajuana and today’s various pills which are the dance club craze , usually used on the weekends. And in all my time and through all my associations, it’s still Heroin that kills US. Please alow me to introduce this problem —to the reality at hand. We’re trying to teach teens who are stoned…not to be…and it’s just not working.
For the record books
Growing up in the 60s, you knew what pot was. Marajuana was as popular as the Beatles. And the fact that they smoked practically made it O.K.
This also meant , your parents were raised by even stricter parents… than THEY were towards you. Depending on the degree of pressure they applied, or how close to the Bible Belt you lived, getting involved in something as radicle as Marajuana was risky business …UNTIL you were high on it !
There was a war GOING ON that no one wanted, or understood . Older brothers were being drafted into it, and many never came home. This created activism.
Did I mention the Beatles ? Every one wanted to be a rock star also. Basically by 1969 you were either in a band, going to see one or playing air guitar. Some one close to you was getting high. And soon enough being a Hippy was not an insult.
I was doing all the above

Besides my wonderful childhood growing up with summers on the boat and Christmas memories I hope my children have, I grew up in a time of cultural confusion in this country ( flower power & the hippie sixties ) when drug education was getting high and I , fell victim then volunteer to this ,as did many my age. My high school was literally HIGH school! Leaving home at 18, I carried on this lifestyle I was groomed in, as if it was normal. To me it was..
Working in the television industry, as exciting and rewarding as it was, played rite into the getting high dept., as this was common and accepted , as the T.V. & film industry still proves to this day…
In the later years, I became a maintainer in a large school system on L.I. As my work put me in the surroundings of every grade level, I witnessed 7,8 and 9 yr.olds smoking and joking about drinking!

After 40 years of thinking this life is normal I went to yet another detox , hospital and then rehab …
… After which ,I turned my house, bed room and computer into a long term inpatient rehab with my wife and children as my counselors you could say.( or at least my security ) going on two years, I went Nowhere alone if I ran to the corner mkt I would bring exact Change, or put my purchase of milk n bread on my credit, while carrying nothing else. It took me 10 yrs. to shake all the flies that followed me every time I left home…I won’t ever let that happen again !

Today we know teens are DIEING of heroin overdose all over this country…when did THEY start using ? It’s obvious the earlier you see or learn something the better you can handle the effect. Children,young children, must be guided truthfully and away from the selfish life of addiction.
12yrs. later after finally cleaning up my mess, i have to see Drug Education brought down to KINDERGARDEN or the 1st-2nd grade levels…knowing that for teens who are in the EXPERIMENT stage , it’s too late !

I started surfing the Internet looking for answers,and to see what addiction/recovery measures were being passed around. Then, soon after, I started Drug Addicts Against Drugs. In six months to a year we were spreading all across America, and today 29 other countries bringing attention to this, not being an American EPIDEMIC AS MUCH AS A HUMAN ONE !
Today DAADs page is being seen in 56 Countries, including;
United States of America , United Kingdom, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Philippines , Fuvahmula, Dominican Republic, Australia, Germany, Canada ,Italy,
Singapore, Cuba ,Maldives , Malaysia ,Scotland, France, India , Pakistan, Uruguay, Iran, Netherlands, South Africa , Israel , Iraq , Iceland , Guatemala , Nigeria , Burma , Norway , Nepal , Syria , Switzerland , Azerbaijan , Bengali , New Zealand , Egypt , Bangladesh , Mexico , Morocco , Macedonia , Japan , China , Afghanistan , Wales , United Arab Emirates , Croatia , Madagascar , No.Korea , So.Korea , Jamaica , Indonesia , Somalia , Czech Republic , Yemen , Kenya …
Our posts are reaching upwards of 7000 people ea. Week !
After joining and linking to over 140 groups, with similar interests. I’ve become what they call , a valuable asset in the understanding of not what an addict is, rather what makes us tick & act /react in the manner we do…
I consult with parents who are lost. And have helped many understand what their children/addicts are going through as well as what’s necessary to arrest the situation safely and keep their offspring ALIVE……

I’ve solicited the help of our Government , President , major DRUG Alliances, the Clinton Foundation , Oprah , Dr. Phil amongst many. Others …all to Def Ears.

Today and in two weeks I’m working with a few organizations that do demonstrations in schools. As we work toward expanding to my area. ( then yours )
Craig Dickinson Daad = DAAD
DAAD has a page, a group & a Web site.

Craig/Dad-2 Long Beach N.Y.

  1. Congratulations my friend… We share a similar story and passion to help others. Education is key,,
    Here are a few other places you can find more about me:
    My memoir. Get your copy @
    My homepage Face Book
    Addiction and drug Education…/home-takeover-horror-stories-shared-by-…
    Home Takeovers
    Check out my “Notes” on…
    My Migration video

    I was lucky enough to share my story in this book.
    Homelessness is only one piece of my puzzle…
     I share the truth, and for many it’s hard to move ahead without that truth. 


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