Methamphetamine & me. By Anna Sanders

Posted: September 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

imageMethamphetamine on the left. Sobriety on the right. Losing yourself in drugs is like losing yourself in hell, while convincing yourself you are in heaven. It’s a constant battle of the spiritual world. My identity of the past is dead and buried. Now I’m sprouting into the woman God made me to be and couldn’t be happier. I decided to go to rehab on July 27th. It was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. I was so broken and didn’t know how to stay clean. After you adapt to a self destructive lifestyle it’s hard to find your way out. BUT GOD. He has help open up the scabs I kept picking and been with me every second of them healing. He has shown me how to sit still and relax as he nurtures me. His love is truly AMAZING. It’s hard for me to believe I got so indulgent in the flesh. That I lived such a selfish life. But I am an overcomer. God continues to fill up the emptiness everyday and teach me a new way of living. I’m fixing me right now. I’m learning to truly live for the first time without any chains holding me down. This is a part of my story and PRAISE GOD I’m alive. This is my truth, don’t hide from your own.


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