My trip story. By Gina L.

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

My trip story By Gina L.

I tried acid once. It was called Dead Ant. The tiny piece of paper had an ant printed on it. I was about 16 maybe 17 years old…. My friend from school (attended a highly accreditable Christian school hahaha!!) had just moved back to Colorado and brought this acid from Texas. It was something new and of course, being an active idiot, I had to try it. We were all set up. Had 2 other friends that were going to stay sober and her and I were doing to “drop”… Needless to say, I never ever touched the Shit again!!! Nor have I ever ever ever had the want to ever hallucinate ever again!!! It was horrible!!! 2hrs after dropping it our “friends” bounced and went to a party to drink. My boyfriend found out what I did and decided to come hunt me down WITH HIS MOTHER!!! It was snowing a blizzard outside and I had been all nice and cozy inside in a pair of sweat shorts and a tank top. But the moment him and his mother started pounding on her door I freaked!!! I climbed out a window (in shorts and a tank) and started running. The snow was easily a foot deep. His mother got into her astrovan and started chasing me!!!! Ohhhhhh and I was BAREFOOT!!! I soon realized I needed to get out of the street where she could drive!! I ran and ran thru the entire neighborhood. At one point I finally lost her and I went to run across the street to get into the gas station so I could call someone!! (before cell phones) as I was running a complete stranger pulled up and opened his door yelling “get in”. Duh………I jumped in. He said he saw someone chasing me and wanted to know if I needed to call the cops. Scared out of my mind I told him no that I needed somewhere safe to go. I didn’t want to call the cops and try to explain I’m tripping acid and being chased by a car while I’m on foot half naked in 10° blizzard conditions!! So he took me to the closest ER where I refused to get out of his car lol…. God only knows how long we sat there but I eventually cleared my head enough to give him directions back to my friends house. I snuck into her house and climbed into a hot shower where I eventually covered myself in towels and didn’t move until the trip was over.
Waking up I really wanted it all to be a horrible trip and all in my head. But sadly it wasn’t … It all did happen. The worst part was when I came to it was 5am on a Monday morning. I was sicker then a dog.. Wait… Monday???? Yup. Monday… I dropped the acid FRIDAY NIGHT!! Never found the guy who saved my life. Left my friends house and never spoke to her again. And I’ve never touched any type of hallucinate drug !


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