About Walls, Doors and Windows – In Recovery Posted on December 29th by Susanne Johnson

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About Walls, Doors and Windows – In Recovery
Posted on December 29th by Susanne Johnson
I’m sure everybody in this world knows the feeling of running against a wall. I don’t mean the physical way of doing so followed by a gnarly bump on the head. I’m talking about hitting a wall in relation to developing, reaching a goal, or wanting something. Now if you are an alcoholic or an addict like me you don’t just hit a wall, you will run full speed into it, bounce back and run into it again. Some people would call it stupidity, but it’s not. It’s rather persistence paired with some insanity. My disease makes me firmly believe that if I try it again the result will be different. There could be people running into this wall in front of me and I will still go full power, because if it doesn’t work for them that doesn’t mean it won’t work for me. I strongly believed that other people would get addicted, but that it wouldn’t happen to me. I felt bulletproof or, in this, case wall-proof.

In my recovery I hit walls as well. They may affect my spiritual growth, goals I want to reach, financial possibilities and more. I have learned today that my place in this world does not consist of running against walls numerous times and expecting different results, but to look for doors and see how to open them. Sometimes it seems, that God has shut a door for a reason, which I can’t understand, but often it’s for a good reason and when there is one door shut there is another one somewhere open. Today in recovery I need to keep my eyes open for those open doors and use them as they appear. I try to avoid walls by all means, but if I hit one, I can shake it off, dust off and look for the door. A setback is not a final destination. A relapse does not need to be the end of the road for somebody. My life today requires awareness and living in the present moment. It doesn’t do me any good to remember where doors used to be, I need to watch where they are today in this particular moment.

At certain times multiple doors open at once. I love to be adventurous today and look behind each one. Most don’t remain open forever, so hurry to take your opportunities. But often it’s on us to open doors for other people. It often requires a very small key to open a very heavy door. Be an opener of doors and help people around you out of the dark.

Sometimes in life there seems to be a huge wall and no doors. Life does not go forward; it’s halted, no matter how hard I look for open doors. There is no way forward, no job to get, no money to earn, not the right partner to find, no light in view. These are the moments where my life needs a break from running. I need to take a break, rest a moment and take a deep breath. If I keep being grateful, there will be a window to show me a sneak-peak of more to come soon, but it’s okay to stay for a moment where I am. Gratitude will open the next door.

Those windows can be foggy and that’s alright. I don’t need to know what’s coming next. I should not worry about it either. I can’t change what is on the other side. It is already there, patiently waiting for me and that time is right. But a window is always a sign of hope, a window is light, a window shows a way.

I will hold a door open today for everyone I meet in a supermarket, at a store, or in the office. I want to do it symbolic as a sign of gratitude for all those open doors that I found in my recovery. As a sign of gratitude for the windows of hope in my life I will today be mindful to the people around me and try to give hope to people that may have a bad day or received a bad message, etc. I will try to show them a window.

Your story of recovery could be the key to life for somebody, the door or the window somebody is looking for. Please share it here with us on our website. It takes only a few minutes of your time. Or contact me on Facebook (Susanne Johnson) and I will be very happy to help you write it or do it with a quick interview by chat or phone.

Yours ,
Susanne Johnson
– See more at: http://www.heroesinrecovery.com/blog/2014/12/29/walls-doors-windows-recovery/#sthash.t8yvSEfy.dpuf


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