War of the mind

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

War of The Minds pt 1

How do you convince a child, they are beautiful?
How can you assure them, that their life will always be fine, and happy days are always tomorrow.
Why is there is always someone more popular & charming to all those around us ?
How do you explain there is no such thing as Superman?
Is it really that hard to deal with the hair you can’t seem to manage, though others seem to love and wish they had…
Can you ever imagine…that some day, YOU WILL be dead ?
Do you ever wonder why, you often get complimented, on the one part of your life you wish was different ?
Does a fish wonder if he is as nice as the one next to him,even though he knows he has to eat one to stay alive, and stay away from those, bigger than he ?
Why is it more comfortable walking out the back door ?
We want to be equally noticed by all, yet all would stomp on us to get the last drop of water on earth.
It always seems we are getting a treat, when we stay up past our bed time…unless your too old ?
We can never be as happy as finding a $100 dollar bill in the street… when some one gives you too much change accidentally.
Nothing is as rewarding, as eating all the right foods, and evacuating so perfectly you barley have to clean yourself…yet somehow it seems pleasing to cheat yourself out of a good diet.
How do you prove , its more rewarding to climb the highest tree for 1 banana, than to get paid to point some one in the right direction ?
As we all wonder how it would be, to live like someone else…Is it hard to accept we will always be who we are ?
Every one looks in the mirror and wonders,why we may have an extra hair, or a round spot we wish was flat or a birth mark we know will never go away…Yet after you pass the age of three yrs. old, few would be comfortable walking naked down Main street…and we are all made of the same parts !
While concentrating on the chores, we know are necessary to get to the next day, some times seem more than we want to handle…
Peeking into any area we are taught as wrong, always holds a degree of excitement.
The fact is, there are no written guarantees on the back of any ones birth certificate.
Why is it hard to believe, we could live off the land as a native Indian…Yet they seem to not have a worry in the world ?
Is it a chore for a Lion, to get up out of his shady rest spot & chase down lunch, or is it the most exciting part of they’re life they wait for every day ?
Is it possible, that an alligator is not board stiff, laying motionless with his mouth open all day long ?
How do you assure a child, they’re as equally important, as their 5 brothers and sisters?
Once you chose a path, against all popular advice, can you ever regain your expected position ?
If you carry exactly enough water, to make it through every day of your journey., and drop some on the way…can you overcome your loss ?
W all know life can’t be without death, yet can’t accept when someone passes before their supposed to…and when is that ?
Do we learn from others mistakes, or pretend we don’t make any ?
Is it possible to reach a goal without working toward it, and feel rewarded?
How and when do you tell a child, that your are not the superhero they looked up to all their life… And that they, really are your superhero !
When running after people who are all ready gone, do you ever worry about those chasing you, and their feelings you ignored ?
Can you ever trust a dog that just bit you, not to be a dog?
Why do you never see two bees from the same hive fighting ?
Humans are the only creature on the planet that get angry at others, for doing the same things they do…
How is it we can look at some one who’s life is unable to succeed with compassion, and look at someone who’s lived, and failed to succeed with disgust?
You can’t apologize to someone you’ve failed , because you’re sick and hide from them…and will never get sympathy with out being there for them, as they offer it .
We all need someone to look up to, though no one likes to be looked down at.
To feel you deserve something and take it, can never be as rewarding, as feeling you don’t deserve something and be given it…
When you ask someone about something you can’t understand, be prepared to get an answer you may not like ! ( and accept it )
The stupidest question…is the one you didn’t ask!
You will never shed your pain, until you accept someone else’s as well.
Love is all around us. If you want it, stay involved in the parts you like…and work for the parts you don’t !
Being in debt, often moves us ahed two steps…paying a debt is the only satisfaction.
They say you only live once. Fact is you only die once, you live every day !
The challenge of being alive never goes away. The loss in death is the same for ever…accepting a challenge and its possible outcomes, are never certain. Accomplishing a challenge and moving on is rarely the same as the next, though through each, they seem to pass with less effort ( even though the effort is mostly mental )
…we all look toward success, though the only thing that counts is waking up in the morning.
If your tomatoes grow, so should you, and all you have to do is stick them in the ground ( or hold your ground ) and water daily.
Never chase a dollar bill blowing in the wind, and never pass up a nice glass of water.
Live each day as if it’s your last…because it just may be…enjoy it & don’t miss anything …( To be cont. )

Edited in part by author of ” THE POISON TRUTH ” by Craig Dickinson


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