Happiness is within those happy ?

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

# 23. There are so many HAPPY ex alcoholics/addicts preaching how wonderful life is , to the still sick and suffering , that the hope or worry of wondering , will I ,or can I, ever be that happy … sometimes Becomes the deterrent ?
Life isn’t always a walk in the park. A walk in the park is merely the recreation your life may need. Bringing ourselves to expect better is the greatest way to feel loss.
A sick or suffering person must live in the moment no matter how well or ILL they feel. If the conclusion that the poisons we take to feel better or not feel at all … Always leave us back to the point of feeling crappy or ill … Then it’s time to change or stop taking such measures. Being told over and over how wonderful life is , many times brings an ill person more disappointment in themselves, only to continue on a path of destruction.
There isn’t always good stuff ahead ? Expectation is the greatest set up for disappointment. The simpler you live the better off you feel. Being without the drugs or alcohol that drag your Emotions to the opposite of why you want to use them…has to be enough to keep your life content.
All else may follow…using only ensures your wreckage returned.

Why oh why do I feel this way ? Is it me or is it them ?
Not so funny you should mention…you REALY can’t change extremes without going bonkers trying to understand the curve balls being thrown at you…this is why relapse becomes popular choice ?
Life is a strange group of people trying to be normal together…a definition of which there is no dictionary version ??? Craig /Dad-2 2015 https://www.facebook.com/pages/DAAD-Drug-Addicts-Against-DRUGS/827943680551991

It is very wrong to consider any of the personality traits observed in addiction as peculiar to the addict.. Emotional and mental quirks are classified as symptoms of addiction merely because addicts have them, yet those same quirks can be found among non-addicts too…
Actually they are symptoms of mankind! 1947 Dr, Silkworth.
( Updated from his report on alcoholism )


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