True chapter of my life… By Jake Buskirk

Posted: March 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

My story is rough of my past, I lived a double life for 4 years as an addict . first 2 years I was a functioning addict and it didn’t effect me mentally but the last two were almost the death of me, I went from having everything a job making good money, my family, friends and everything I worked for in life to having nothing and finding myself to sell everything just to get my fix. I watched my life falling apart and I knew I was the cause, I tried killing myself several times, tried overdosing several times. The only time I would pray was negative prayers, for God to kill me. But I finally had enough, and that’s what an addict has to find within their self, it took me putting myself in other peoples shoes and looking at the life style I chose to live. It broke me down. As I left state and stared my recovery I started seeking God, and started praying for strength, forgiveness, and for God to be with me, since then I haven’t turned back. My life is amazing by the grace of God, he has answered my prayers and today I live a sober life, I walk with God everyday, I’ve got my family back in my life, a job, an amazing girlfriend who knows about my past and excepts me for who I am today, and best of all I am able to love again because I truly love myself. It takes a man to admit he has a problem and seek recovery, but it takes a man to walk the road of recovery as it is for the rest of his life. Take in positive and you will get a positive outcome. Everyday it’s a struggle, but I wake up happy because I’m sober and I wake up everyday knowing I’m out to conquer, life is only what we make of it, experience is only of the past. Set out everyday as it is your last and live life to its fullest.

by Jake Buskirk


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