A very personal Tragedy

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A very personal Tragedy
…I spent TEN yrs. trying to quit Cocain, and reached for it ( instead of a pistol ) too many times. The last go round, started on the flight deck ( mental ward ) suicidal ish, in a hospital, detox then on to a program,in desperation to see and hopefully move back with my own children. I wasn’t even shure if they cared any more. Of coarse they did, and so far all is well. I have remained alive, off cocain, though still struggle daily with the normal life you all lead…
The turning point in actually giving up my poison, was the young men I was housed with, and how nothing had evolved in the rehab system in 20 yrs… I knew most of these jokesters and a few of the serious addicts would be back many a time, as I was throughout the yrs. and I knew some would surely DIE !
Opiates has taken over for the weed of the 70s. No joke is how young addicts are, and how many ARE DIEING…40 yrs was enough, I couldn’t continue involved in a drug culture that took away whom I may have been, nor watch today’s youth killing themselves from what started as a party…
This next story is the closest any have been to being my son or Daughter. Chris, the man in this story, played with my children as a child. He grew up next door to us.
What the story doesn’t tell, Chris was in the Hospital with me, trying to quit the very drug that killed him. A drug that’s been killing US for a few hundred years…( all of us ),The affect of which impacts society in a manner we all pay for, though few want to recognize and hide in plain site…image

A beautiful young boy, never wishes to grow up and become addicted...

A beautiful young boy, never wishes to grow up and become addicted…

Chris’s mom found me on these very pages, commenting as I do, about these same subjects we all look at today, and forget about tomorrow.
The recovery of which is not easily gotten for the few who seriously seek it, or the masses who seriously need it… Insurers don’t want to pay for addiction recovery. The lobbyists don’t want our lawmakers to recognize the medical urgency of this Disease . It seems as if the Pharmesuticle companies are competing for the money’s we give to the cartels. Every ones lives in America is impacted by this mess, yet the children of tomorrow keep falling victim as WE allow it !
I spoke with Chris’s Mom who private messaged me after recognizing my name. She, not knowing, I was hospitalized with her son, my neighbor and now friend. ( The family had moved some time ago.)
The story in the paper does not say how Chris sat DEAD in McDonalds bathroom for two days before he was discovered ( do they not Clean a few times a day ?) don’t the employees have to go ?
The story doesn’t give the impact of what technically was a death /posible crime scene, didn’t SHUT DOWN the resturaunt ?
This disrespect and shameful handling of this tragedy is just a HORROR , by the RESTURAUNT & POLICE. This also was directly across the street from first District Court, 99 Main Street in Heampstead N.Y. A McDonalds used by thousands a day!

Man found dead inside McDonald’s on Main Street in Hempstead
Updated January 27, 2014 5:25 PM
The man was found by a worker in the bathroom of the restaurant on Main Street around 8:45 a.m. Police say the man was bleeding from the face. (1/27/14)
HEMPSTEAD – Police say a 32-year-old man was found dead in a McDonald’s in Hempstead.
The man was found by a worker in the bathroom of the restaurant on Main Street around 8:45 a.m. Police say the man was bleeding from the face.
EMS responded and pronounced the man dead at the scene.
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A McDonald’s employee told News 12 that they check the bathrooms inside the restaurant every 30 minutes for vagrants or people using drugs.
One customer says the McDonald’s was still serving food while police were investigating the scene.
The identity of the man and his cause of death has not yet been released.


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